Information on this page includes a Google map of the Roaming Bison wind farm turbine sites based on the document filed for the FAA aeronautical study.  Below are the individuals that have signed leases with APEX and AKUO. 

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APEX - Roaming Bison Lease Signers

David Alford

Myron/Karen Allen

Geraldine Ballard

Rex/Linda Ballard

Mark/Dorothy Barclay

Lori Barker

Darrell/Sandra Birge

James Bounnell

Linda Brown

John Brown

Patrick/Teresa Buckles

Charles Leroy Bunnell

Brian Cardinal

Hunter Chastain

David/Suzanne Coffing

Harold Coffing

James Coffing

Dennis/Amanda Dehne

Carole Dowell

James/Christine Droste

Lawrence/Patsy Duncan

David/Jill Duncan

Shelby Ferling

Scott/Cynthia Ferling

Barbara Ferling

Hermann/Anja Finken

Donald Fruits

Jeffery Fruits

Marion Fyffe

Edward Graham

Jack/Jackie/Joyce Grimble

Jan Guthrie

Suzan Hageman

Robert/Diana Hall

Stephen/Janet Hallett

Ramona Hallett

David Harshbarger

Thomas Harshbarger

Roger Harshbarger

Richard/Julia Harshbarger

Clifford/Sandra Hockersmith

David /Kimberlee Horn

Charles Humphreys

Marion Humphreys

Jerilyn Isley

Ralph/Judith Jackson

Mary Ann Johnson

Dallas/Joyce Jones

Robert Kiefer

Deatra Kinney

Richard Larew

Wayne Lasley

Donald/Mary Jane Livingston

Judith Martin

Gary Martin

Brenda McClure

Charles McClure

Michael McClure

Dennis Mennen

Harold/Linda Mennen

Jason/Misty Mennen

Raoul/John Moore

John Morgan

Gene Myers
Kristi Myers-Sutter

Tyler/Beverly Nannet

Timothy/Kay Nannet

Byran Nannet

Erin Patton

Garrie/Tamara Patton

Michael/Karen Patton

Casandra Humphreys Personett

Janet Rivers

Robert/Carolyn Rosenbaum

Richard Ruppel

Gary/Warren Rush

Vicki Rush

Dennis/Amber Rusk

Paul/Caril Rusk

David/Elizabeth Rusk

Shad Schenck

Sara Hageman Schenck

Danny/Sheila Sering

Jeremy/Jennifer Shadle

David Shadle

Carol Shelby

Steven Shelby

Glen/Clark Shute

Gary Shute

Dane Slaughter

Joann/Michael Spragg

Mary Springer

David Stevenson

Constance Stevenson

Karen Swatkowski

Helen VanHook

Judy/Matthew Wagner

Aaron/Roseann Wall

Dennis/Jodi/Roby Eugene Webster

Kristen Webster

Laura/Robert Webster

Dorman/Carolyn Winger

Auko Energy/Sugar Creek Wind Farm Lease Signers  (map of wind turbine locations not available at this time)

Eleanor Arenas

John Bickett

Gary Bymaster

Kevin Carlson

Jason Carlson

Kelly Carlson

Larry Carlson

Sue Faust Chenoweth

Kathy Emmert

Mike Emmert

William/Zua German

Barbara Good

Martin Gray

David Hoover

Paul Hoover

Janet Karnehm

Anne Malsbury

Jamie Mantle

Reeta Moore

Barry/Barbara Virgin

Glen Whitaker

Paul Williams

We are Hoosiers united against wind energy.  Here you will find groups from several Indiana counties and even other states sharing information about the dangers of industrial wind turbine development.

The few are taking it upon themselves to determine the quality of life for others living in rural Montgomery County and elsewhere.

We are uniting to oppose and expose this activity and educate the community on the risks associated with a wind industrial complex. Our primary concerns are infringement upon property rights, decreased property values and health.

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