It takes enormous amounts of taxpayer cash to make

wind energy seem affordable

. Two years ago (2014), Berkshire’s CEO, Warren Buffett, explained why his companies are in the wind business. “We get a tax credit if we build a lot of wind farms. That’s the only reason to build them,” he said. “They don’t make sense without the tax credit.”     From article in National Review

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We are Hoosiers united against wind energy. Here you will find groups from several Indiana counties and even other states sharing information about the dangers of industrial wind turbine development.
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Stop global warming - build more windmil

Draft of Zoning Ordinance available for viewing


April 10, 2019.  Our county commissioners did not waste any time in getting out the draft version of the proposed zoning ordinance.  The Public Hearing for the zoning ordinance will be April 24, 2019 at the City Council Chambers, 300  E. Pike Street at 6pm

The Draft has been converted to .pdf for those that cannot view the .docx version.

Wind Farm Informational Meeting 


April  9, 2019.  Thank you to everyone that attended our meeting at the Fairgrounds on Saturday, April 6th.  A Special thanks to all those that participated in making this event come together and be a success.  Everyone stepped forward and gave of their time, talents and donations.   We are blessed to have such generous souls in our group.  

Click the image below to view the PowerPoint presentation preceding the talk by Ted Hartke.



Radio ad attacks

John Frey​

May 10, 2019

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Comprehensive Plan was approved on April 8, 2019 at the County Commissioners Meeting.  Click image below to view the Comprehensive Plan.

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Remorseful lease signer sends letter to State of Ohio outlining APEX's deceptive practices. 
Read his letter written 4-2-2019

Twenty-Five Industrial Wind Energy Deceptions - here is #20, click here to see all.

#20 – The claim that wind energy is “green” or “environmentally friendly” is laugh-out-loud hilarious – except for the fact that the reality is not funny at all. Consider just one part of a turbine, the generator, which uses considerable rare earth elements (2000± pounds per MW).

The mining and processing of these metals has horrific environmental consequences that are unacknowledged and ignored by the wind industry and its environmental surrogates. For instance, just the rare earths of a typical 100 MW wind project would generate approximately:

  • 20,000 square meters of destroyed vegetation,

  • 2 million pounds of CO2,

  • 6 million cubic meters of toxic air pollution,

  • 29 million gallons of poisoned water,

  • 600 million pounds of highly contaminated tailing sands, and

  • 280,000 pounds of radioactive waste. (See this, and this, and this.)

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Analysis of Impact the Roaming Bison & Sugar Creek  Wind Farms Will Have on Rural Residential Property Values

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No Wind Farm Montgomery County (NWFMC) responds to the Apex/Roaming Bison pro-wind ad with one of our own. 

This ad was printed in our 2 local papers in Crawfordsville, IN (Journal Review  and The Paper) on May 23, 2019.  Funds to print this ad were paid for by donations from our community supporting the efforts of NWFMC to keep industrial wind turbines out of Montgomery County.


Click here or on the image to enlarge.

 We are uniting to:

  • Oppose wind farms

  • Expose their activity

  • Educate the community on the risks associated with a wind industrial complex

Our primary concerns are:

  • Decreased property values

  • Infringement upon property rights

  • Health

  • Decimation of wildlife

Local events will be posted to keep you informed of meeting with local politicians, chamber of commerce, No Wind Farm meetings, APEX speakers so you can attend and share your views about the industrial wind farms invading your rural setting.

Wear your NWFMC T-shirts or buttons to meetings and as you shop in the community.

We will be sharing local news from the surrounding communities. Check in often.

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Get involved by attending meetings, sharing with your friends and neighbors and signing a petition.   Do your own research.

Yard Signs and T-Shirts are availalbe at every meeting

Click map to enlarge and locate your property in relation to wind turbine sites and view lease signers